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The Push Turkey Calls (Carlton Game Calls)

The Push Turkey Calls (Carlton Game Calls)

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We are away from Push Headquarters adventuring. This item will ship July 20th, 2024 when we return. Sorry for the inconvenience!

We’ve partnered with the legendary Native by Carlton Game Calls out of Montrose, Colorado to bring you an all-new line of turkey diaphragm calls for the 2022 season.  Native by Carlton brings with it 35 years of Elk and Turkey call manufacturing experience, started from humble beginnings by Wayne Carlton.  With deep passion and lots of hard work, Native by Carlton has become a household name in Elk & Turkey calls.  Growing up in the industry and watching the highs and lows that Carlton Calls went through, Marc Carlton along with his father Wayne Carlton are using their many years of experience to bring the best came calls available to The Push Family.

Green Call: “The Combo-Cut”
Double Reed paired with a top reed in a traditional Combo-Cut Style. This call produces very high pitch raspy calls of a mature hen on what has become a standard in the turkey call industry “combo cut-style” short frame diaphragm.  Good from beginner to professional levels.

Blue Call: “The Batwing”
Our Batwing style diaphragm is designed to produce lots of rasp, high and low pitch calls easily.  This call will give you all the options you need to reach long distances as well as close-n calling.  Easy and raspy calls for the inexperienced caller and can run like a champ for the veteran.

White Call: “The Split-V”
Our split-V cut has a .004 main reed with a v-cut style top reed.  This call is exceptionally raspy and very easy to operate which makes it a great choice for the beginner and intermediate turkey caller.
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