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The Push Archery Weighted Limb Bolt

The Push Archery Weighted Limb Bolt

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Improve the balance and feel of your bow with the new Push Archery Limb Bolts!

Limb bolts are manufactured from Stainless Steel and sport a polished finish with a knurl around the perimeter.

Two Weight Options: 1/2 lb & 1/4 lb

Two Thread Length Options: Long & Short

Compatible with Riser Threads: 5/16-18 (standard for most takedown traditional bows on the market)

All limb bolts are tapped with 5/16-24 Female Threads to add additional weights / accessories

For length sizing: measure your existing limb bolt end to end = 1.5″ or Greater, use the Long Versions / Under 1.5″ use the Short Versions

(Sold Individually)

**Please ensure that your Push Limb Bolts have adequate thread engagement prior to stringing your bow**

***If painting limb bolts, scuff surfaces and mask threads prior to paint application***

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